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Tanbury Ltd, Southwater's independent garage offer a full range of services for all types of motor vehicles 

Tanbury Ltd ATA approved
Tanbury Ltd are a VOSA approved MOT Test Station


Tanbury Ltd and our environmental responsibilitiesTanbury Ltd - Our environmental responsibilities.


At Tanbury we take every precaution we can to minimise any impact we have on the environment. The motor vehicle is often seen to be the enemy of the environment but it is an essential form of transport to serve the individual and therefore the economy of the UK.

What we can do however is encourage road users to keep their cars serviced to ensure emissions are the lowest they can be and also ensure that the materials we use to service vehicles and the waste products produced are disposed / recycled in a professional manner.

Just some of the things that happens to our waste: 

Tyres: on-site storage before being collected and transported towards specialised sorting centres, where they are recycled so that they can have a second life.
They can either be:
- remould
- burnt as replacement fuel in a cements works
- ground into powder to be used afterwards in the manufacture of various surface-covering operations (sports fields, motorway capping layers)

Oils: after storage in special  barrels, the oil is regenerated or burnt in accredited energy production establishments.

Oil and fuel filters: The metallic part of the filter is melted down to be re-used whilst the plastic or paper elements are used as replacement fuel.

Cans and barrels: after storage, plastic cans are burnt in accredited establishments whilst the metallic barrels are grounded.

Brake pads and brake discs, shock absorbers, exhaust pipes and wheels: after storage, they are then collected, and these different elements are upgraded in metallurgy companies.

Batteries: the lead is melted and is used for the manufacture of other batteries, the acid is neutralised whilst the plastic is re-used for the manufacture of plastic parts.







Latest report on sustainability by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.(download)
Tanbury Ltd is a member of the Good Garage Scheme

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