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Tanya of Tanbury Ltd - article on summer holidays and your car

Written by Tanya Spreadbury owner of Tanbury Ltd

Servicing your vehicle is Important & why leaving holiday checks to the last minute can be the cause of unnecessary Stress .

Tanya director of Tanbury Ltd Southwater Independent Garage in the 19 years of trading has on many occasions had to deal with repairs for customers leaving for holidays and coming in at the last minute with problems.

Tanya sayís ď I know how hard life can be to organise holidays and often I have been guilty of being at the garage giving my own vehicle a long journey check the night before my annual 1500 mile round trip to France. The last time I found two tyres low on pressure which required puncture repair at the last minute, I didnít fancy being on the side of a Motorway changing my wheel over , that really is not the start to holiday anyone wants. ď

Having your car serviced at regular intervals is the best way to keep your vehicle on the road. Donít let a broken down car spoil your Holiday .

80% of car breakdowns are easily avoided, a few quick checks and basic maintenance will keep you on the road without fear of a mechanical failure at the most inopportune time.

It has been reported that last year 17% more Britonís holidayed in the UK due to the recession, we could be looking at another Summer of busy UK roads.

Common causes of breakdowns are :

Flat tyres - unable to remove wheels due to corrosion to hubs



Neglected Spark Plugs

Clutch failure

Tanbury are offering a Holiday check which includes all the crucial checks for a Special price of £25 + Vat . Tanbury can also supply and fit Headlight converters for the continent and supply the required European trip kits.

The Holiday check can be carried out whilst you wait but please make an appointment.

For parents during the busy school holidays Tanbury have loan cars available, please call for availability.

Incorrect Servicing is another cause of unnecessary breakdowns . Due to cost many people are choosing fixed price servicing which is widely advertised, unfortunately this kind of servicing can be minimal.

At Tanbury we do not offer fixed priced servicing as we feel that important component replacement and checks could easily be missed. Manufacturers have different schedules and each vehicle travels different mileage depending on the individual owners circumstances. Because it is important to carryout the correct service Tanbury offer servicing that is individually tailored according to your current mileage and the vehicle age. The service includes the manufacturers scheduled checks which we have available via Auto Data and Tanbury extra premium checks. The manufacturers warranty is not affected when using genuine parts.

Tanbury extraís include removal of all the wheels on every service, engine management codes are read, a detailed condition report and even a free Wash & Vac.

Tanya sayĎs ď not many people realise that an MoTís can be carried out up to 30 days before itís expiry date, this also applies to the 1st MoT which can be forward dated with a number off the registration document.

Tanbury technicians are Accredited Automotive service technicians and have many years experience working on all vehicle makes.

Please call to book your Individual tailored Service Tel : 01403 733344

Please confirm vehicle Registration & current mileage when making a booking.

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